Monday, 22 March 2010


Ok, so I am getting HEAPS of new applications, everyday from all over the world. I wanna try and use this part of the blog as a place for all of you new guys to just drop in, say hi and introduce yourselves or something, thanks, ICI.


  1. Hey All!

    Just thought Id introduce myself and be the first poster here. *YaY*. So my name is Afiq and I'm from the land down under a.k.a Australia. Many people believe we use kangaroo's as a form of transportation and have crocodiles as pets, so if I do get chosen I'd be able to put that rumour to rest.

    But, good luck to all and hopefully we'll bump into each other!

  2. Hello Everyone !
    Im Connie and im also from Australia !

  3. Hi, my name is Natasha and I'm not from Australia;p
    I'm korean, but living in KAZAKHSTAN... O.o Boratland...

    Hope, to meet you all!

  4. Hi guys!
    I'm Deborah and I'm really excited just of thinking about the amazing experiencie that we will live.
    Can't wait to meet you all.
    By the way, I'm from MEXICO! (:

  5. hi guys!
    I'm Namthip or Op and I'm from Thailand but I live in Sydney Australia

  6. Namthip- I haven't got your application yet. pleas e send it to me

  7. Hi there, my name is Michelle and I've recently turned 23 years old; I'm from Northern Ireland but currently living in England while attending University!

    Hopefully I will get the chance to meet you all! :)

  8. Hi everyone, I'm Kim and I'm from Belgium.
    Can't wait to meet you all :)
    See U soon !

  9. Yoyo to everyone 'round the globe, my name's Yumi and I'm from Aus. :D

    SUPER excited to meet y'all and share such a fantastic opportunity!!

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  11. Hey guys I´m Daniel, from Brazil =)

    I´m just so happy and anxious about going to Korea ...o/o/o/o/

  12. Hey there,
    My name is Susan, I'm 16, (but will be 17 when I meet you all!) and I'm from the land down under. Actually, I think a majority of us are so far...

    Anyway! I can't wait to meet everyone!
    I'll be seeing you all soon,

  13. Hello everyone,

    My name is Henri and I am 22 years old. I´m from Finland and this will be my first time in Korea. I am very excited and happy about going there!

    See you soon!

  14. name is Varun and i am from India...this is my first time in Korea and i am really looking forward to it...
    Can't wait to be there...

  15. Me and my sister Federica come from Italy and we can't wait to get to Korea. We both study foreign languages and we are really interested in Asian Cultures.We travelled throughout Chinese Country and actually we were planning to visit South Korea soon and this chance ICI is giving us is simply wonderful. Looking forward to meet you all guys there. Have a safe trip.

  16. Hi!!!
    I'm Luis Carlos, i'm from mexico and i'm nervous but also very happy to go to Korea and meet all of you
    see you soon

  17. Hi everyone
    we are a group of girls from IRAN:Fatemeh,Atina& seyedeh fatemeh. we are all studing genetic engineering at university.we are excited about this festival & looking forward to see you.

  18. I will be telling each participant if they were successful or not over the coming week if I haven't already.

  19. I will be telling each participant if they were successful or not over the coming week if I haven't already.

  20. hi,my name is cemile and İ'm from turkey.i wanna be in korea as soon as possible,meet and enjoy with everyone:)

  21. Hi everyone!!

    My name is Alejandro and I'm from Mexico City, I can't wait to meet you all, I'm so excited about the Festival and Korea!!

    See you soon.

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  23. Hi! My name is Kevin and I'm from the United States. I look forward to meeting all of you and visiting Korea. This is going to be so much fun!

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  25. Hi everybody:) I am Nazife, from Turkey. I cannot wait to meet you all. We'll have a great time in Yeosoo:)

  26. NAMASTE frnds, myself Varsha from India. Very excited about this visit.

  27. Hi everybody, I've just applied my application, and I don't know if I can be a participant or not, I'm waiting for ICWORLD'reply to accept me... ^^ I can't wait...Oh, sorry, My name's Trang and I come from Viet Nam, I'm an economics student learning at International Economics University :) nice to meet u all, hope to see all of you in Yeosu >:D<

  28. Hi all, I am Boris. 4 participants are coming to attend the festival from Slovakia..Really looking forward. see ya

  29. Wat's up!! ah!

    Hi to yall!!!!

    really looking forward to meet you all

    let's have fun time!

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  31. Kia Ora! Everybody
    my name is Jacob - there is a very excited group of young people coming all the way from "NEW ZEALAND" - we can't wait to meet you all so we can share this awesome experience together :)

  32. Hey!

    My name is Janis. Most people usually don't know that there is such country as Latvia, but there actually is, and there will be a couple of us to prove it! :)


  33. Hi we are two 22 years old girls from Czech republic, Petra and Tereza. Cant wait to meet you all!

  34. Hi im Julian im from South Africa
    I am 20 years old.Cant wait to meet all the People. This is realy a opportunity of a lifetime. Thank you so much...Keep it real people cant wait to see you and the wonderful Country Korea!!

  35. Tere means Hi Estonian :)
    So hi there eveyone. My name is Annika.
    Well at this point i am very exited of this youth exchange and I am really looking forward to it and to have some great time and meet all of you :):):)

    So see you exactly after 2 months ;) I just cant wait :)

  36. Hey guys and gals! My name is Nam and I'm from California (U.S.A.). Can't wait to learn and experience not only the Korean culture but also your culture! See you guys soon!

  37. Hi world,

    we are Albert and Ingo from Cologne, GERMANY!!!
    We are gonna rock your festival!
    What else to say? =D

    Auf Wiedersehen, Albatingo

  38. Hi Everyone, I m Bene from France i cant wait to be part of this adventure in July, I want to show you all my country do :) and exchange some tips. see you all guys

  39. Hi!My name is Angela, Im 21 years old.Im from Russia.
    See u soon)) profile on facebook!/profile.php?id=1426453628

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  41. Hi, Im Martina!! Im from Wisconsin, USA. I cant wait to meet you all in Yeosu Korea!!

  42. We are 4 girls from Russia: Olya, Katya, Tanya (Pohot') and Polina (Zuka)! Sometimes we are fighting even between yourself;) but we are really looking forward to enjoy peaceful and active atmosphere of all of you and Korea!

  43. Well, actually we are friendly and kind, aren't we (asking zucca)
    I hope we will have the best time in Korea altogether
    Olga, Russia

  44. Hey,
    I am Mathis from Germany and I am sure that we are gonna have a great time in Yeosu with all international participants :).
    See you in less than 2 months ;)
    Mathis =)

  45. Hey! I am Kenny. I am from the United States, from the state of Delaware. I can't wait to see you guys in Yeosu City.

  46. Hey,
    I am Plamena and I am from Bulgaria, I am just going home after an exchange year in the U.S. and would really like to share all of my cultural experiences with you. I am very excited about the Youth camp, waiting and counting the days left.

  47. Hello hello everyone, my name is alisha and Im from Germany, cant wait to see you all at the youth festival, sure we'll have a lot of fun.
    sending you greetings from my bed in east germany

  48. Hi everyone,
    My name is Julie and I am from Australia,
    So excited for the youth camp and to meet you guys.
    See u soon:)

  49. Hey guys!
    My name is Lena and im from Russia!)
    Looking forward to meet everyone)))
    See ya!
    add me in facebook

  50. Hey everyone!
    My name is Brian and I'm from Australia as well.
    Hope to have a great time in Korea with all of you!

  51. Ahoi everyone! :)
    My name is Yoana and I come from Bulgaria, but I'm currently studying and living in Germany! I'm absolutely excited about the festival! since one of my best friends is a Korean, I'm really looking forward to experiencing the Korean culture pure, and of course meeting all of you :)
    best greetings from the rainy Heidelberg
    Yoana :)

  52. Hey everyone!
    My name is Anastasia or simply Nastia, I come from Russia but now live and study in Austria. I'm sure it'll be an amazing experience for all of us.
    Greets from Vienna,

  53. Hi everyone!
    I'm Nora from Hungary and I'm studying Korean at the university in Budapest. I'm really excited about the festival because this will be my first time in Korea so I'm very happy. I hope I'll find some new friends so I really would like to meet with all of you.
    Greetings from Hungary

  54. Hello! I`m Anton from Ukraine... Who is from Ukraine and will go to the festival please contact me or

  55. Hello everyone!
    My name is Enikő and I from Hungary. This will be my first time in Korea so I'm very excited about it. Hope to have a great time in Korea with all of you!

  56. Hi I'm Char Lee.I'm from Delaware,USA. I am so excited, this will be my first international trip! See you all in Korea

  57. Hi there guys! :D I'm Eva, and I'm from Hungary. I'm studying Korean at university so I hope I can practise the language with you all. I'm lookig forward to this festival, I just KNOW it will be fun! :D :D :D

  58. Annyong! Namastechi! Ni hao! Yasis! Guten Tag! Hello! Zdravstvuyte! ASSALOMU ALEYKUM!

    We are the team from Uzbekistan! Hi everyone! we are really excited about the festival and meeting you all! Hope we will manage to get acquainted with all of you!

    see ya in Korea!!!

  59. Hi, everybody!
    My name's Henrieta, I'm 22 and I am from (small but lovely country) Slovakia.
    I think it's great to get the chance to meet you all, to be the part of the festival and I'm sure we'll spend the time as best as we can! :)

  60. Hello, this is Martina.
    Since Im one of the younger participants, I was wondering if there is anyone who would be willing to meet me at some airport, before we get to Seoul? Im worried that I wouldnt know what to do, should something go wrong with my flight. I have not bought my ticket yet, so we are flexible with meeting cities.
    Thank you,
    Martina, USA.

  61. Hi Martina, I sent you an email. We will be able to meet you at the airport so long as your plane arrives on the 19th, thanks, Logan,ICI

  62. Hi everybody!
    My name is Yuliya, I'm from Uzbekistan!
    But I'm currently studying and living in Russia!
    See u soon:)

    My profiles:

  63. Hi everybody!

    When will you arrive at Seoul?

    I will arrive at Seoul eighteenth day of July, so if you are coming at the same day maybe we can meet at the airport and find a way to the Youth hostel.

    You can contact me here:

    Greetings from Finland,

  64. Hi everybody!!!

    Me, Alejandro, and other two Mexicans, Debora and Luis, are going to arrive on July 19th at 4:40am at Incheon Airport, so if anybody of you is coming at the same time we can get to the hostel together, or we can have breakfast or something, please let me know!!

    My e-mail is: and you can find me on Facebook with the same e-mail.

    Can't wait to meet you all,


  65. Hey, we will now be having staff at the airport from 4am on that day until 10pm that night, so you will be able to meet one of us there...

  66. HELLO Everyone! My name is Aigerim. I am from KAZAKHSTAN!

  67. Hello!!!My name is Hande.I am from Turkey.

  68. Hi everybody !

    My name is Pierre, I'm 23 years old and I come from France. I'm waiting for the Festival, it should be really nice! I will arrive in South Korea the 1st of July in order to travel around before. See you soon! ;)

  69. Hello everbody!

    I'm Szabina from Hungary. This'll be my first time in Korea so I'm really excited. I'm sure it'll be a great experince and I'm lookign forward to meet all of you :)
    See you soon~~ :)

  70. Hey,

    I am Ilze from small country in the North of Europe - Latvia.
    The programme and the organization of this festival seems superb, so I am really looking forward!

    see you all!
    Greetings from Riga,

  71. Hello..My name is Meltem.I'm from Turkey.

  72. Hello, my name is Zuzana, 21 years old, from Slovakia... I study International relations and I am looking forward to see you all in Korea :)

  73. Hey I'm Lottie, I am 16 and from the magical land of Australia where we DO ride kangaroos to school and own crocodiles...
    If any of you want to add me on facebook my profile is

    Can't wait to see you all :)

  74. Hi everybody!!
    I'm Nadia from Italy. I'm 23.

    I can't wait to be in South Korea to meet you! :)

    After the Festival I'm going to spend more days in Seoul(until July 30).
    Is there anyone who'll do the same?
    We can visit the city together!

    If you are interested please write me at cheironia(at)
    or add me on facebook (click on my name).

    See you soon :)

  75. Hey Everyone,

    I'm Yeon-Hee from the United States. I was born in Korea and moved to the US when I was three years old. I also spent 5 months living in Sweden last year and studied Scandinavian Area Studies in college so I speak pretty fluent Swedish! :)

    I'm super excited to participate in this festival and I'm looking forward to meeting you all! =)

    Best Regards,

  76. Hello Everybody!

    I am Katalin Ruzsa from Hungary. I study Korean language at my university. This'll be my first time in Korea, Asia so I'm really excited. I'm looking forward to meet all of you in Korea :)
    See you soon :)


  77. Hi!
    I'm Kristi and coming form ESTONIA. also so exited to go to Korea :)

    See you all soon!


  78. Hello everybody!!
    I'm Brunella Cuomo from Naples in Italy. I'm 23.
    I'm very happy to came in South Korea!!
    I can't wait to meet you!!:D
    if any of you want to add me on facebook, click on my name!
    See you soon! bye!
    Brunella ;)