Monday, 28 June 2010


Annyeong~~~ click the page "YEOSU PICS" for all the pics that I took in Yeosu last week and of your accommodation :)

Sunday, 20 June 2010

SECRET-korean k-pop band.

Hiya~~~ So I just got back from spending two days in Yeosu, it was my second time to visit. I went sightseeing, food-tasting, and accommodation testing!!! It looks fantastic, the accommodation looks really good the food was delicious and everything is coming together for a perfect week in July.

I learnt many things from those two days and will be once again updating everything soon. I will be sending everyone their information packs in about 2 weeks.

I would also like to happily announce that the final band that will be coming to the youth festival is..... SECRET, a girlband, famous for songs such as this... check it out!

Thursday, 17 June 2010


Hi everyone, so almost everyone has bought their ticket, and I can now move on to other things, yay!

Namely~~Home stay. The way we will do home stay is this- After receiving the information for a home stay, I will post the family's information on this blog entry, if you want to join this family for home stay, you will need to copy and paste the information of that family into an email and email me.

I will then contact the family and let you know if you are successful.

Most families are offering stays for free.

Each family will be posted in a new comment section.

Remember, many of you have mentioned home stays before, but you will need to apply through this way in order for us to find you a family. Thanks, I hope that everyone lets me know ASAP.... Logan

Wednesday, 16 June 2010


Hi everyone, especially to those that I know check everyday. You may have noticed that the schedule page has been updated, you can click on the thumbnails and see a more detailed version of some of the events and things that will be happening.

There is of course going to be an opportunity to learn some things about Korea, Hallyu (Korean Wave) and more specifically a K-Pop song and dance, so don't forget to vote.

There is a competition with a prize of a PMP-portable media player, for anyone who can change the lyrics of a Wonder Girls song to reflect the concept of this camp.

The participant list should be fully up-to-date, we are still waiting on people to send me a copy of their tickets so I can write them names up.

I understand that the idea of us reimbursing you for traditional clothing has been put on hold for the time being-due to Yeosu City not having a suitable place to store these things after the festival, I will let you all know if this changes.

Those of you that have been waiting for your invitation letters, I apologise for the time it has taken so far. Unfortunately, the time it took for the Yeosu City Government to organise the correct documents was far longer than predicted, I am just as stressed if not more so than you about this. I will send everyone tracking numbers soon so you can follow the whereabouts-Please note that the Korean Government has told us that all of those documents had to be sent directly to the closest consulate or embassy, so they will not be arriving at your house, but the embassy.

I think that is all for now. I have sent everyone their buddy's contact details so make sure to start talking with them as soon as possible.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

K-Pop song

Hi everyone, there are going to be a few competition and things like that for the 10th Yeosu Youth Festival. Check out this poll.

We will have the chance to learn a Korean Pop song and its dance. As you may know we will be having teams made up for the festival, so the team that performs best will get the most points, make sure to check out all of the videos and vote for
which one you most want to learn.

Thursday, 3 June 2010


Hi, it's me again!
I just wanna let everyone know that everyone can now comment on any posts without registering, so make sure to comment, especially on the NEWCOMERS section...

Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Hi, I have put up the information for our hostel on the first night for those that wanted to know because they were curious, but more importantly, for those that will be making their own way to the hostel. Our accommodation is located in Gimpo, the name of the accommodation is called "Dreamtel Youth Hostel" this hostel has rooms, a banquet hall, restaurants, a coffee shop, an indoor swimming pool and a fitness centre. Check out

And our accommodation for the week has been changed from the Ocean Resort due to a lack of rooms, we will be staying at 2 different places next to each other within a short walk of the festival