Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Youth Festival Mascot

The official mascot of this years festival...
Although they may not look like much, these
two guys should help us "go together, toward
our dream".

The little guy on the left, is known as"아라"
or "Ara" in Korean his name means the sea.
The little gal on the right is known as "아띠"
she shares her love and happiness.
They are both angels born from the sea.

Above is the symbol of this year's festival
The shape is supposed to be a "Y" which
stands for the Y in both Yeosu and Youth
The blue shows the waves of the ocean,
youth, and Yeosu's sea. The green shows
the environment, and the orange shows
a happy heart.

The sky blue star means "dream".
The red star means "passion".
The Orange star means "talent"

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