Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Blog competition-on going/photo competition

Hi everyone, I would like to let those of you who are still checking my blog know that we are offering a photo competition, the single best photo will receive a $100 Amazon gift certificate to be used on whatever you want-games, books, cds, dvds, etcera...

So I am hoping that you can add all of your pictures to the Yeosu facebook group that I have-make sure to comment on who took the photo and all that jazz..

Finally, we made something close to $2500 from the international cafe, and will be deciding the use of that later, I know some is going towards UNICEF, and some for the ongoing upkeep of the blogs, so I ask that you still continue to update the blogs, especially in another language, but for now I suggest you send in photos to that facebook group and see if you can't be the winner. it will finish in about 2 weeks.

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