Thursday, 1 July 2010


Hi, as you know this is an INTERNATIONAL youth festival, and with people from 40 countries attending this truly is going to be an awesome international festival. As part the concept of this festival we are going to have a huge TV setup to show films about each others' cultures,

So I am asking that if anyone wants to film an introduction to your country, maybe you wanna go to a famous place in your home town with some friends and a camera and film that place with an explanation, or perhaps you want to film you and your friends singing a traditional song or dancing.

Whatever it is that you wanna do if you film it and then either email it to me or bring a USB with that file we will put it on the big screen so that EVERYONE can see it!!!

For those that can't film or don't want to we will give you plenty of chances to talk to people or show things about your culture-dance, food, books, ANYTHING at our booth also,

I hope that everyone can really get into the spirit of this and share all of our wonderful cultures with each other, Logan~~~

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