Monday, 26 July 2010

So Long and Farewell

So, after 3.5 months of planning, it all came down to just one week.

We came, we saw, we waited, we waited a little more, we ate some kimchi, then some more waiting, before we finally conquered....

I received and replied to over 2500 individual emails, and sent (not including emails sent to more than one person) about 5000....

We hopefully had lots of fun, especially considering how hot it was and the long days.

There were many difficulties that we had to oversome, some with hindsight that we could have better prepared for, and some that were impossible to know about.

After speaking with everyone for so long, I felt really good to meet everyone, then when everyone's buddy came it felt like a huge family reunion :)

I got to know everyone much better and even got to know myself a bit more...

My personal goals were for everyone to be happy, everyone to gain a new insight into other cultures, for people to learn about and love Korea, and to make enough new friends from all around the world that I could travel this wonderful world of ours and stay with you all for free :)
Unfortunately there were a few complaints about this or that, but for the most part I would like to think that this camp was a success!

When everyone left today from city hall i felt a bit sad, like when a good friend leaves to go to another country, except this time there were 170 of you...

I would like to once again thank all of these people because although everyone knew me, these are the guys that if not for them this wouldn't have been possible, the EXPO 2012 Yeosu Korea Committee, the City of Yeosu, Jeollanamdo Province, ICI, Yeongje, Anna Im, Vivien Ahn, Lina Min, Cindy Yoo, Jade Yoo, Emily Lee, Christy (Yoo Jung-hee) all of the volunteers-Q, Rogelio, Estefy, Lorri, Rita, Charlie, Sean, Hwa Yoon, Sam Park, Youkyeng, Mike, Serah, Yoo-jin, Young-ran, Cheol-min, Carl, Gwen, Dong Hyun, Kyu, Jina, and Eunsook. I would of course like to thank all of you for coming to Korea with your hearts and minds open, learning about each other's culture, about Korean culture, and teaching about your own.

I suggest that everyone join the facebook group that I started a few months ago, I have one more night of work at our traditional house before some more students go home, and then a few days rest, I will fix up the group, feel free to all add me on facebook so that we can keep in touch, if only to make comments about the many, many photos that will undoubtedly be uploaded.

There is talk of a competition for the best photo, with some kind of awesome prize- I swear it is not a kilo of kimchi... I will give you all info when I find out about it.

I hope that everyone has learnt something and will be richer for the experience, until next time, I will speak to you next time, Logan.

P.S. I would like to thanks those guys that brought something from their own country, I don't need thanks, seeing everyone enjoying themselves is all the thanks I need, but those little momentos, from books to booze, from umbrellas to hats and pins, I will always keep this things so that I will never forget about the week that I spent with a generation of 170 students from 37 different countries, Logan..............Out....


  1. Logaaaan ur the best =))
    Italy loves u! Thanks for everything!


  3. logan where can we find the blogs people wrote on the camp?

  4. CORNLAD! <3 <3 <3

  5. Logan,

    Thanks for this :) Everything was great and I am glad that I was a part of this :) I miss all of you...

    See ya :)