Thursday, 8 July 2010


Hi, as you may or may not have known before, if you are all from the same country. On both the first day of camp, and the opening ceremony of the festival, we are hoping that each group of people from each country can come and say hello and so something representative of their country.

This can be something simple like a 10 second dance and say hello, come out together with your country's flag, all wear the same t-shirt, say a quick greeting in your native language etc, it is only going to be around 20 seconds each~~

As you know we have an international cafe where we will be able to show or teach something about our culture, some people are going to be bringing their country's traditional clothing, some will be filming some things like famous sites and bringing the film, bringing some music cd's of traditional music etc, etc. These are some ideas, I hope you can come up with better ones so that you can show your culture to the world.

Also, there is a fringe concert, this concert is for all people to perform. You can perform anything, singing by yourself or as a group, doing some drama, musical performances, magic, anything, please keep this is mind and prepare whatever you will need. We will work out what times each participant can enter once you have arrived, this is just to let you know.

We only have 11 days left... So close...... I am just finishing up the info packs and will send them tomorrow

Talk soon, Logan.ICI


  1. Hi everyone, so far I have received some good video files and mp3's for the global village, especially from Anton of the Ukraine, he has got his hands on a promotional video for his country, I think if everyone searched for something similar would be awesome....

  2. Hi Everyone. Just want to find out. I havent recieve an info pack yet?

  3. Instead of an info pack we are just posting all info to the blog