Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Hi everyone, if you want a participation certificate and you did not get my email, please let me know

I also wanted to take this opportunity to remind you that the blogs that you were given the task of updating at the festival can still be updated. We are hoping that with 37 countries in attendance that we can have some of the blog posts translated into your native languages so that people searching for the EXPO in 2012 can find out more information from people from the same country using the same language as them. If you need the blog passwords I will post them at the bottom of this email. Please try your best to add some more information and photos to them, every team should please try and add some things, but especially the winning team.

Finally, I know I mentioned this in the last email,(emailing an organiser from the Yeosu City Government to say thanks) but actually if everyone can send one more email to the deputy mayor ( and because, even though in our eyes the youth camp was a success, there is talk of the camp not going ahead next year because of some problems that occured during the camp. If everyone can email this person and mention how pleased that they were with the camp and that because of the camp (and the people that organised you- ICI) you really want to return to Korea either next year and/or 2012 for the world expo, I appreciate everyone taking a few minutes to do this so we can do it again next year.

Also, thanks for everyone that has been uploading pictures to the facebook group, I, along with my co-workers will be trying to find the best one next Friday, so keep uploading them,

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