Wednesday, 17 March 2010


The concept of this years festival is:
~To let the youth lead the festival and serve a practical role for organizing the festival
The participants of this camp will not only attend the camp as people who simply want to see what's going on, but will play an active role in deciding what to do, and how to do it.

~Solidifying the festival as being truly a "YOUTH" festival
By having a total of over 400 youth aged from 13-24 from around the world attend, and participate in a wide variety of events we hope to really make this an event the youth of the world want to attend.

~To create a practical and sustainable exchange of youth throughout the camp
We don't wanna just have people hang out with people from their own countries, or meet some people and forget about them when they return, but instead, we wanna see different people from different backgrounds and cultures working together.

~Increase exchange amongst global youth, and forge global leadership
As the leaders of tomorrow working together to become better has never been more important than now. We hope to see people realize their potential, and become better leaders.

~To differentiate ourselves from past programs and design a fresh and creative program
This program has been running for 10 years now, and has seen an exponential increase of participants, from an unprecedented amount of countries attend. With your help we hope to make this program completely different from festivals and camps gone by.

~Motivate youth through voluntary participation
We hope that through spending time with new people, and in an unfamiliar environment we can help motivate people to engage in different kinds of volunteer activities, we will have volunteer opportunities helping people at our booths, teaching people about your traditional clothes and culture, and more

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