Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Why are we giving you a free flight to come to Korea?

I know, I know, why would we be willing to pay for your airfare, accommodation, food and transport to come to South Korea?
Actually WE aren't paying, the Korean Government supporting this project. The idea is that by educating you guys on Korean culture in Korea, and proving a place for youth from all over the world to meet, you will go home and tell people about Korea, and hopefully in the future you will come back to Korea, or participate in future festivals, or help promote the Yeosu World EXPO in 2012, in your home countries. As you know by having bloggers and festival reporters (YOU!) you will be able to help promote Yeosu through your eyes, and help unlock the hidden secrets of Yeosu to people from all over the world!

We will have booths run by you guys, about things that you wanna do, for example, if you come from a country that has unique, traditional clothes and want to allow people from different countries to learn about them, and wear them, then we will PAY you to bring some over, so that people can try them on.

We will be offering events that not only help you, the participants, radiate your talents and enthusiasm , but we will also focus on events and programs that are regarding your concerns and issues, so that you can learn and enjoy...

Remember, you won't only be visitors to the festival you will be helping to LEAD the festival

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