Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Tell me more about the camp please!

okay, so right now there is an information overload, but not that much about the camp, well, basically the camp will give everyone the opportunity to learn, have fun, and makes friends.

We can learn about things related to each others' cultures and more. On the first day, when we do our orientation we will be designating people into different groups of about 20-25, from these groups, you will pick people to be your leader, reporter,and official blogger.

Our designated Reporters will go around filming things, interviewing people and then uploading them along with their official blogger, we will be offering prizes to the groups that have the best entries, too!

Our bloggers will be responsible for, well, blogging, Korea is the most wired country in the world, and I don't mean on coffee, groups will be able to use our laptops and computers to upload, in English, things about the festival, how you feel and introducing different things about Yeosu.

For the budding clowns out there, we will be having things like; learning how to make balloon animals, mime, and juggling. As well as, environmentally friendly events like t-shirt making, clay craft, natural napkins, traditional Korean nail-art, and making wooden mobile phone accessories. We can then use all of these skills, and choose which ones we like best to teach to people during the festival.

With around two years to go before the Yeosu World Expo we will create a symbol or emblem that we can use and display, if you don't know what I mean, neither do I, because exactly what we do, and how we do it will be decided by all of you at the camp.


  1. Its gonna be heaps of fun. Can't wait to go!

  2. how do you apply. I mean where do you send the application?

  3. send applications to