Wednesday, 17 March 2010

What else are we doing?

We will be offering homestays for those wishing to come earlier and stay after the camp and festival, this will be a great way to not only learn about Korean culture, but to also share your culture, too.

Besides running booths during the festival, we will be operating an International cafe selling snacks, drinks, and maybe even food from your country!

For those of you that are artistically minded there will be plenty of opportunities to look around and see a wide range of performances including; miming, Bboys and breakdancing, and singing competitions/talent performances. Not only can you watch them you can even be a part of them and take home some cash! Yup, with a first prize of $3000USD in 2008, we can expect the prize to be just as good, if not better, so don't forget to bring your singing voices.


  1. I was a homestay for 2 years in Korea and loved every minute of it!! definitely something to do!

  2. I'm bringing my talent and singing voice!! I hope you're all prepared for a competition.