Thursday, 17 June 2010


Hi everyone, so almost everyone has bought their ticket, and I can now move on to other things, yay!

Namely~~Home stay. The way we will do home stay is this- After receiving the information for a home stay, I will post the family's information on this blog entry, if you want to join this family for home stay, you will need to copy and paste the information of that family into an email and email me.

I will then contact the family and let you know if you are successful.

Most families are offering stays for free.

Each family will be posted in a new comment section.

Remember, many of you have mentioned home stays before, but you will need to apply through this way in order for us to find you a family. Thanks, I hope that everyone lets me know ASAP.... Logan


  1. The first family that will be able to host someone is Kim Hyunhee's family. They live in Suncheon City, which is actually about 20 minutes from Yeosu, they say that they can host someone for a month, but because of the distance from Seoul to Suncheon, and then coming back again to meet, I suggest this home stay for someone that would like to stay there AFTER the festival. This is her introduction

    "hello~ i'm Helen(nick name) my Korean name is 'Kim Hyun hee' my age is13years old. my favorite subject is English and my speciality dance and sing at the same time.

    My daddy is a delivery guy and my daddy sometimes is on TV and Radio and my mammy is a house wife. My mammy resembles a Korean famous singer chae yeon and my sister is high grade student my sister speciality is acting up but peopie think my family get along amicably.

    5.tourist attraction:
    I would like to introduce you about the tourist attraction.
    There are Nakan town castle,Songkwang Buddhist temple, Sunchun Gulf and etc but I would like to recommend you Sunchun Gulf as bestYou can see many reeds at Sunchun Gulf.There even was a Reed Festival.

    **If you would like to do a home stay with this family please let me know** Logan.

  2. Hi, I have another family that lives in Seodaemun-gu, a suburb of Seoul. She is a girl and lives with her parents and grandparents, she can take 1-2 people in her house.

    It is free and there is no time limit. I think this would be perfect for two girls that want to stay together, please send me a message with " ELLIE HOME STAY" in the header and I will match you up, Logan.

  3. Hi guys, this family lives in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, it is about 30-40 minutes from Seoul by bus.

    The family is quite large, in July there will be the girl who wants to host you, her sister, mother, father, aunty, and two grandmothers, you will be sharing her room, so of course, you must be a girl :)

    The family is offering their home for free for the week leading up to the festival.

    It is near the World Heritage listed Hwaseong fortress, she is also happy to take you around Seoul to some palaces etc.

    Please let me know by email if you would like to take up this chance, Logan.

  4. Hi, another student would like to host a boy or two. He lives in Yangcheon-gu in Seoul. I have to check the date, but it is in a nice part of Seoul and he lives with his parents.

    He is hoping to make a nice friend over the vacation and will go sightseeing together etc. This student is also going to be one of our participants in the festival.

    It is free, if you are interested let me know, Logan.,

  5. Introducing of my Family :: There are four people in my family, husband, two sons and me.

    My husband operates environmental equipment company.
    Two sons are elementary school students ,2 and 5th grade.
    And I volunteer Korean history and English at the Academy of Continuing Education and also work in husband's company as overseas marketing director.

    We moved here five years ago because of my son's atopy and now we live in Yongin city near Seoul.
    My house is made of pine log and is surrounded with green trees for clear enviroment.

    * If you want to stay to feel Korean sentiments in quiet and peaceful area, you can stay here for 2~3days.

    *We also welcome 2~3 people because we should keep a daily life.

    *The cost of homestaying is Free

    *if you want to know a little more about korea,I'd like to guide in Seoul.
    It is the best place that you can experience in a short time and there are also interesting 600 year's history in Seoul.

  6. yoon wonsub During 7/26~ 8/2

    -17 years old family - 4 (include me)

    -wants one~two person costs - later

    pubulic relations

    -Acoording to UN, almost 65billions people live on the earth, and among them ,almost 5,000millions of peple live in korea.

    I am one of those 5,000 millions people

    Hi, my name is Yoon wonsub and my english name is Raymond (I don't like this name)

    I was born in seoul, in 1995 FEB 11th (so I'm Aquarius) Now I'm 17 years old and I'm a High school student (In Korea many High school student don't like school) I stay in the school for almost 18hours -studying, volunteer (meal survice, library) cleanig the classroom..

    In my freetime, I draw archeitecture or disaster things ( space niddle in seatle, London, states of liberty in New york or 2012)

    and like other people Ilove to eat fruits and especially meat. (But I'm never eat seafood and mushroom)

    AH!! I love to listen to music - taylor swift, miley cyrus, orianthi .... (you belongwith me , climb, shet up and kiss me)

    an watch movies or dramas. (DESERT FLOWER , TOMORROW , LOVELY BONES , Greys Anatomy , Doctor Who , .. especially grey's anatomy ) But I don't know my exactly character, SO I ask it to beloved my freinds and people and they say to me , "you're kind , sincere , but abit emotianal.

    That's it.. I'm a good and decent person, and I'd love to know about you, and I'm pretty sure we can be really good friends!!!

    and I need to explain about my second hometown, siheung.

    I live in siheung almost 12 years , and pretty sure, I'm know all about this area. This plae 35km away from our capital "seoul"

    A half of this city is rural area and other is urbanized (material, residents , industry)

    Before you come to korea, you're experienced European houses which are including beautibul and peaceful.

    But this place? there's no house like youy think hanok . we can see only apartments.

    Maybe you read thi and think about negative things. But you need to know about this.

    All that things have two differents side like coins that have two differents slides. (Like london haves a smog, and Dokyo have many peoples..) of course, we do have lots of good things!

    we have a beautiful attraction like sea and red beacone with red beacone, and really beautiful sunset &Night view with cool wind. (Seriously the sunset likes califonia Long beach) also we have a M.T ( it was originally an island)

    First Attraction of siheung, oido. oido is one of the best attraction in siheung because people likes couples, famillys , friends..

    Go out for a walk with your loves , see the red beacones, also we can see the beautiful sunset & Night view - we can see the beautiful night view of songdo international city.

    Also we can experience foreshore - It was really fun, we can catch the sea creature.

    Second attraction is I think food, and lotus flower park or just Okgu park. This city between of the sea and other city. so we can eat some seafood( baked fish, sea shell, and really good taste of hand make knife of noodles and sliced raw fish ) meat ( hanwoo ) and fruits ( Grapes and peach is really special things in this area ) ...

    Okgu park is biggest park in siheung. we can picnic over here, exercis , taking a nap, we can have all of thigs in here !

    also can climbing ( suprisingly this mountain, originally an island )

    Now I think i talked about all of things in siheung. Later I talked more about me & familly.

    I wish you all happy !..

  7. Dear my friends

    This is Lee's family. We lived in San Diego for 9years.

    We had a wonderful time there. My American friends gave a big hand and concern.

    Now its our turn to share with you.

    Here is my address: Seoul yangchungu mookdong 5dong APT.328-403ho

    We live in second educational city in Korea. Transportation is very easy to access to get everywhere from my

    house. It takes within an one hour to get Major Palace, traditional place and touriest attractions.

    Accommodation is free. We want you feel free like a home.

    I prefer to have an one or two girls. My husband has lots of business trip. I have a 4th grade daughter.

    We hope you to stay in Korea with a joy.