Sunday, 11 July 2010


As you may be aware some gracious families of Yeosu have offered to open up their homes to people form around the world, the following people have either asked to experience this or have been lucky enough to have been randomly chosen to do so. These are the people that will be doing Yeosu home stay on the Fri/Sat/Sun nights of the festival.
Byron Papanikolaou
Denise Au
Char Lee Schelich
Carrie-Anne Wilson
Ilya Kim
Nazife Pehlivan
Albert Kerner
Alba Chiara Wu
Khegay Galina
Henrieta Austenova
Kaliat Ammu Sanyal
Fabiana Improta
Kristi Rebane
Rebeka Braxator
Anastasia Baskina
Mira Demsar
Grant Stegehuis
Noah Applegate
Nemanja Braletic
Rade Vulic
Augusto Correnti
Daniel Garcia
Paul Forien
Pierre Forien
Martina Dell'Aversana
Julian Faul
Benjamin Lim
Szabina Szalai
Paula Maria Vahtra
Henri Huovinen

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